Brake Tester for Cars and Trucks up to 20 t Axle Load safelane truck N SC – 20 t

Indicating range 0-8 / 0-40 kN; two-part galvanised roller set, rollers with wear-proof plastic coating on welded expanded metal mesh or alternatively in SmoothGrip version, elevated rear rollers: 50 mm, motors located under the rollers
Analogue display, double scale: indicating range 0-8 / 0-40 kN
Two-part galvanised roller set
Rollers with wear-proof plastic coating on welded expanded metal mesh or alternatively with SmoothGrip suitable for spiked tyres
Elevated rear rollers: 50 mm
Splash-proof motors
Rust-proof feeler rolls
Measurement with wear-free strain-gauge type load cells
Electric automatic drive-off aid
Automatic test sequence
Interface for printer / PC
Determination of braking force, braking force imbalance, rolling friction, ovality
Automatic switching in and re-start
Automatic or manual operation mode
Cut-out at wheel lock
Permanent determination of braking force imbalance
Automatic zero adjustment
Error check routine
Display for cars and trucks
Tech Specs
Brake tester/Test lane Max. drive-over load (t) 20
Brake tester Roller coefficient dry / wet > 0.7 – > 0.6
Brake tester Temperature range (°C) 0 – 40
Brake tester Idling speed (km/h) 2.6 / 5.2
Brake tester Roller diameter (mm) 255
Brake tester Roller length (mm) 1000
Brake tester Roller elevation (mm) 50
Brake tester Length (mm) 2 x 1270
Brake tester Width (mm) 2 x 1210
Brake tester Height (mm) 2 x 640
Brake tester Weight (kg) 2 x 700
Brake tester Power supply (V/Hz) 400 / 50
Brake tester Supply lead (mm²) 5 x 16
Brake tester Fuse rating, slow-blow (A slow-blow) 3 x 80
Brake tester Motor power (kW) 2 x 15
Display cabinet Measuring range (kN) 0 – 8 / 0 – 40
Display cabinet Width (mm) 800
Display cabinet Depth (mm) 200