Joint Play Detector for Trucks up to 20 t Axle Load weartest 4600 FA

Single control of test plates
Hydraulically operated test plates
Plate movement in counter direction (4 ways)
Plate movement in same direction (8 ways)
Check of:axle suspension, axle stub, wheel bearing, tie-rod ends, stabiliser, trolley pivot, twin-axle suspension, trailer coupling device
Choice of test modes via test lamp
Easy and convenient operation owing to single-touch mode
Automatic or manual operation at choice
Automatic return of test plates into home position (parking position)
Hydraulic unit
Control cabinet
Test lamp with 18 long-life LEDs for radio control
Keypad with oil- and petro-resistant foil
Maximum load per axle (t) 20
Temperature range (°C) 0 – 70
Test speed (mm/s) 100 / 50
Test movement total (mm) 100
Power supply (V/Hz) 400 / 50
Fuse protection (A) 10
Weight (kg) 150
Test plate length (mm) 850
Test plate width (mm) 1030
Hydraulic unit height (mm) 390
Hydraulic unit width (mm) 610
Hydraulic unit depth (mm) 250
Hydraulic unit weight (kg) 35.6
Hydraulic unit operating pressure (bar) 170
Hydraulic unit oil Capacity (l) 6
Hydraulic unit power (kW) 3
Hydraulic unit operating power (kN) 30