3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology geoliner® 670 XD TT Lift AC400


Wheel aligner for maximum throughput with AC400 quick clamps and movable camera beam support. Standard with 24″ monitor, premium turntables, paddle kit, dust cover and TIP target.
With 24″ monitor, turntable and paddle kit
Accurate and repeatable measurements
Small and lightweight single-plane targets (XD)
Self-centring AC400 quick wheel clamps
Secure and consistent attachment owing to clutch limited clamping force
Securely attach the tyre without contacting the rim
Large, comfortable handle allows ergonomic use
Durable and lightweight magnesium construction
Tyre diameter range 19″ – 39″
Productivity-enhancing software Pro42 GOLD: a high-resolution ICON-based software program designed to provide simple and effective use of information required by the technician
Measurement of toe, camber, caster, maximum steering angle, rolling radius and cross diagonal
A-arm and cradle adjust
EZ Toe for easy and convenient adjustment at maximum steering angle
EZ Access for measurement with demounted wheels
Moveable camera beam with two high-resolution XD cameras
High-end control terminal with printer drawer and embedded PC