Car Wheel Balancer with geoTOUCH™ Display geodyna® 7340p

The wheel balancer with Power Clamp Device and easyWEIGHT™ pinpoint laser light indicator for tyre shops, car dealerships and garages with medium tyre service volume. With geoTOUCH™ – the touch-screen graphical display – the geodyna® 7340 is as intuitive as a video balancer.
With torque-controlled Power Clamp device instead of quick nut
easyWEIGHT™: the pinpoint laser light indicator to accurately and conveniently position adhesive weights
Stop-in-Position feature where the operator only has to touch the amount of unbalance on the idsplay and the wheel is indexed to correction positon
GEOTOUCH™ – the touchscreen graphical display, 10” wide, with DIAMOND user interface – makes geodyna® 7340 as intuitive as a video balancer
Semi-automatic input of offset and rim diameter via 2D SAPE
Automatic rim width acquisition via Smart Sonar™ – fast and easy
Semi-automatic pre-selection of balancing mode via easyALU™
Split weight mode
Weight minimisation and optimisation
Two users with rapid switch function
Network printing capability – Compatible with asanetwork
WI-FI connectivity
VPM measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy
QuickBAL™ for reduced measurement time:
Short start-stop cycle time: 4.5 seconds (15” rim)