Test lane ALTUS 4200L SR2000 Combo

The SR2000 is a Heavy duty version of the Combo®; an effective combination of a roller brake tester, a weighing system and hi-speed suspension tester for passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. It is the first tester of this kind on the market and has a unique price-performance ratio. The Combo® is a one compact chassis that requires less than 2.5 sq. meters.
The SR2010 matches the SR2000. The only difference is that this model is equipped with raised rollers.
The operating principle is simple but effective:
The operator drives onto the suspension tester plates, tests the front axle and drives into the rollers. Repeat this for the rear axle and the parking brake. Within two minutes testing time, the results will be visible on the screen. Due to the automatic weighing system, the deceleration (brake efficiency) of the vehicle will be calculated and can be compared with legal requirements for the service-, parking- and the emergency brake systems.

Advantages Combo®:
High quality
High range
Everything in one package
No damaged tires
Standard 4×4
Easy positioning on suspension plates
Faster than anything else
Extensive analysis
Cover plates (hot dip zinc)
Steel rollers
Free run roller set (hot dip zinc)
Specifications brakes:
Maximum axle load: 4 ton
Roller speed: 5 km/h
Brake force maximum: 8000 N
Rollers: 206 x 700 mm
Power supply: 2 x 5.5 kW; 3 phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
Specifications suspension:
Measuring quantities: Adhesion and Damping
Frequency: 0-24 Hz
1250 kg/wheel for testing
2000 kg/wheel for weighing
Power supply: 2.2 or 3 kW; 3 phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
Specifications general:
Dimensions: 234 x 92 x 30 cm
Track: 800-2200 mm
Chassis: Hot dip zinc
Motor voltage and frequency other than 3 phase 400 V / 50Hz are available upon request.