Suspended pit jack YAK 1620C

Suspended air hydraulic pit jack, fully automatic, suitable for lifting heavy vehicles or for the assistance and maintenance of speed and differential gears.

There are 60 different models and customisations in our range, conceived and designed to meet all requirements. Standard jacking beams available in 3 different heights and 2 pistons with a stroke of 600 and 800 mm are for use with the 2 different control units (EASY and TOP). Movement inside the pit is guaranteed by 4 rollers with bearings, supplied with the jacking beam.

Models 1620 and 1820 are only supplied with a CUSTOMISED jacking beam, made with the measurements of the customer’s pit. Customisation of the jacking beam can be asked for on all the other models.
Capacity: 20 t
Net weight: 260 Kg
Working air pressure:8-10 bar
Air consumption: 600 nl/min
Max stroke:600 mm
Min. height:775 mm
Number of pistons: 1
Pistons stroke:600 mm


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