Hydraulic Two-Post Lift for Vehicles up to 3.5 t duolift® HL 3500 STD


Hydraulic two-post lift for garage and tyre shop designed to lift cars, SUV and transporters with standard roof up to 3500 kg
Electro-hydraulic drive with automatic synchronisation via wire ropes
Exclusive Versymmetric® technology, providing the versatility to lift both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay
Large swing range with 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms
Standard version for conventional vehicles
Control console with push-buttons in ergonomic position on the primary column
Key-locked main switch
Second control console on secondary column available as an optional accessory
Powerful hydraulic power pack mounted high on the column
Comfort lowering
Electronic safety lock mechanism
Optimum door clearance
CE stop technology instead of mechanical foot guards
Overhead crossbeam with shut-off bar
Flexible installation with two width options
Vast range of accessories to accommodate a wide range of vehicles
Capacity 3500 Kg
Lifting times 30 s
Lowering times 30 s
Lifting height 1965 mm
Maximum pad height from floor 95 – 140 mm
Drive-through width 2228 / 2380 mm
Motor 1 x 3 kW
Power supply 400-415 VAC 3ph 50 Hz
Distance between columns 2769 / 2921 mm
Short arm extraction 505 – 1065 mm
Long arm extraction 956 – 1527 mm
Minimum ceiling height 3955 / 4320 mm
Minimum concrete thickness 200 mm






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