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Play detector for cars PD2502-BI

The ESCON PD2502 Play Detector is designed to check quickly and efficiently most steering and suspension components. Without the help of a second person, it enables a technician quickly to detect play and wear in the wheel guiding and steering parts of passenger cars and light trucks. A used car often shows wear and tear in ball joints, bushings, fixations, pivot points, link bolts and shock absorber mountings. Most worn or damaged components can be identified before they pose problems. A Play Detector is also called Clearance Detector or Wear Detector Plates.
  The PD2502 consists of two pneumatically driven plates, one for the left wheel and one for the right wheel. Each plate is actuated by two pneumatic cylinders and can perform two independent movements. One movement pushes the wheel backwards and forwards. The second movement pushes the wheels to the left and to the right sides with a partial turn. Only with these two movements you simulate the road forces that act on the suspension and steering components in a turn.
  The play in the components is visually checked with the low-voltage control lamp. Two switches on the lamp control the movements of the plates. Just one person can easily operate the tester.
  The flush mount model PD2502-BI can be installed on both sides of an inspection pit.The units are air-powered and require standard mains supply for the control box and the inspection lamp.
Complete with control box and control lamp.
Maximum axle load for testing: 2500 kg
Maximum sliding force: 4000 N. 
Hot dip zinc checkered moving plates
Dimensions each unit: 590 x 680 x 80 mm (L x W x H). 
Dimensions moving plate: 590 x 680 mm (L x W). 
Power supply: 230 V - 8 VA - 50-60 Hz
Compressed air: 5-10 bar
Can be tested:
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